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    Gallup Reads Works!

    The Gallup Reads Program is being launched to match volunteers from local businesses and the community with kindergarteners.  Our tutors’ help children learn to love reading.  By spending a little over an hour a week during the school year, a tutor makes a major difference in children’s lives.  

    What is Involved?

    Sponsored by the Gallup-McKinley County Chamber of Commerce and Gallup McKinley County Schools, Gallup Reads involves:

    •  Matching tutors with kindergarten students at a participating school.
    •  Tutoring session includes working with 2 children for 30 minutes each on reading, writing, and skill development.  All sessions are structured and tutor will be guided on what to do.


    Tutor sessions will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:15 – 10:30 at Stagecoach Elementary


    What if I Can’t Commit to an Hour Each Week?

    Companies can submit teams of 2-4 individuals to cover the 3 days each week.  Tutors or tutor teams need to commit to assuring that a tutor is present for each tutoring session, so that the students receive the benefit of consistent one-on-one weekly reading practice.  Tutors can also be a sub if they cannot commit to an hour a week

    What’s Behind Gallup Reads?

    The Gallup-McKinley County Chamber of Commerce is committed to improving the local public education system through a defining focus on higher standards, increased accountably, teacher support, community connections and common sense governance. 

    Gallup Reads is being launched to continue to support the Chamber’s educational reform efforts.  Dropout rates decrease and graduation rates increase when children can read.  Test scores improve, and when students graduate they are prepared to enter college or the workforce.  You can support this effort by becoming a tutor.

    You Can Make A Difference

    Reading helps overcome poverty.  The more educated our future generation is, the better the quality of their lives.  Also, with a more educated workforce, we can build a better, stronger community.

    By working with children in kindergarten you can teach them the value of reading and build their self-confidence at an early age. 

    We’ll All Be Better Off When Gallup Reads

    Call 505-722-2228 today to volunteer or make a donation.

    If you have any questions you may send us an e-mail at alice@thegallupchamber.com

    Gallup Reads

    A partnership between Gallup McKinley County Schools 

    and the Gallup McKinley County Chamber of Commerce