• Right Choice, Right Fit


    Please Consider the following candidates for your available positions; Contact Wes Baker Directly at 

    (303) 653-3494 or wbaker1@me.com with further inquiries.  Thank you for your time and attention.



    Client 1: Recent Graduate of Tulsa Welding School
    Types of Welding:
    MIG & Fluxcore
    Structural Welding II
    Pipe Welding (advanced)
    High Frequency TIG Welding
    No Experience, No Background Issues
    Eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    Client 2: Associates Degree from Navajo Technical College
    Interested in entry-level customer service, food prep, or hospitality positions
    Wes Baker can provide on the job training provided by the state if necessary
    Has misdemeanor that is alcohol related from 1997
    Eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    Client 3: Entry Level Laborer Seeking Part time work
    Can lift heavy objects, complete construction projects such as drywall, cabinet installation, and floor tiling
    has felony background and will explain upon interview
    Eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credit