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  • Downtown Gallup

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  • The Courthouse Square is the location of number of events for Gallup, NM.  The nightly Indian dances are held here during the summer nights. The “Memorial Walkway”stroll through the four columns honoring the men and women from our community, living or deceased, who served our Country in various wars.

    Rex Museum

    Rex Museum is located at 300 W. Historic 66. Phone number 863-1363, open from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday, closed on legal holidays. Some of the information available for independent research includes:

    ·  Complete inventory of all the graves, by lot, location and name of persons buried in the Hillcrest cemetery.

    • A collection of Gallup photos of a historic nature. Available for viewing on our computer monitor.
    • Two registers of the old page hotel, dating from 1886 to 1919 in which there are many news papers articles and copies of letters of the old Gregory Page Era, which gives an insight to old Gallup.
    •  The history of Old Fort Wingate Ordnance Depot 1850 to 1958 including photos and historical data.
    • A list of the employees (miners) who were employees of Southwestern Coal Company. Very comprehensive list of miners – for people who want to check on their relatives who have worked there.
    • Gallup Independent newspapers, tabloid size, from for the entire year of 1914. There are some very interesting articles of historical value.
    • Ceremonial Indian art by Larry Linford. Two books with photos and stories.
    • Various news papers dating back to the 1900’s in laminated form.


    Navajo Code Talker Exhibit

    A collection of memorabilia from World War II that showcases just how much our Native Americans sacrificed towards the universal cause of freedom is situated at The Navajo Code Talkers Museum in the Gallup, McKinley County Chamber of Commerce. The Navajo Code Talkers used their own native language as the basis for communication too difficult to the Germans and Japanese to decipherer. Feel free for the first time to look at this code and realize just how much our Native Americans added to the defense and safety of our nation’s soldiers. No view upon WWII is complete without knowledge about this individualized skill that saved the lives of thousands, and if you had or knew someone who served in the Pacific WWII theatre, they would testify that this small group of warriors saved more lives than any other aspect of American soldiering. The hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday thru Friday, year-round and are not to be missed at the Gallup Chamber of Commerce on 106 W. HWY 66, Gallup, NM 87301. For information please call and learn at (505)722-2228.

    Gallup Culture Center (Train Station)

    We invite you to stop by the Gallup Cultural Center Here, in addition to the Storyteller Museum and Gallery of the Masters, you will find the Kiva Cinema where we feature documentaries on the area – downstairs is our gift shop that contains many of the items that re found in our catalogue as well as discontinued and other unique pieces. In addition to Gallerythere is a working train station where AMTRAC stops twice a day! This is one of the best places to experience and learn about the fascinating cultures and art of Native Americans in the Southwest.

    Residing in the Gallery of the Masters is the Magnificent 12 foot bronze sculpture depicting the Navajo Code Talker by the world renowned artist Oreland Joe. At the unveiling of the sculpture on Navajo Code Talker remarked, “This is the perfect setting for this work of art. In 1943 I caught a train from this building to San Diego to become a Code Talker little did I think that 60 years later there would be a statue honoring the Marines I served with!”

    Nightly Summer Indian Dances

    Welcome everyone downtown Gallup, NM – McKinley County Courthouse Square for this year’s summer nightly Indian dance. Dances run from Memorial Day to Labor Day from at 7 to 8PM.

    Downtown Art Murals

    The murals are best seen by taking a walking tour throughout Downtown. These tours help identify where the murals are, the artists unique style, and most importantly, what each mural represents.

    In 2005 the City of Gallup commissioned a mural project to beautify and capture the area heritage and history. The result is nine amazing murals within easy walking distance of each other in the downtown area. Please use this map and mural guide to help you in a tour of this public art. If you would like more detailed information on each of the murals, the Gallup Chamber of Commerce located on 106 W. Hwy  66 between 1st and 2nd street, has free brochures that go into more detail on each mural.

    Arts Crawl

    ArtsCrawl is on Coal Avenue between 1st and 3rd Street as well as 2nd Street from Aztec to Historic Route 66. In addition to the shops and galleries that will be open for ArtsCrawl. They will be featuring live art on the street: local balloon artists Jan & Martha will be sculpting and twisting balloons for kids of all ages on the west end of Coal Ave. Local harpist Barbra Telynor will be playing on the east end of Coal Ave. Be sure to check out the classic cars that will be lining 2nd Street.